Interested in becoming a leader within your industry, or more importantly your business?


Learn new techniques to fast track your success


Our training programs offer the content rich, easy to implement steps/process with immediate results

This being either multi-day, full day, half day or 3hr programs.

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Areas of training include:


Leadership Program

This program assists companies to find and develop leaders within their companies. It outlines the elements of:

  • What it means to become a great leader
  • What & Who is a great leader
  • Identifying core beliefs around Leadership
  • Communication styles of a great leader
  • Strategies and Tools for ongoing leadership

Communication Program

Communication within an organization can lead to undeniable results – good or bad. The importance and how best to communicate is delivered through:

  • Understanding key communication models
  • The power of the unspoken word
  • Understanding others model of the world
  • Communicating using the same language patterns

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Goal Setting Program

Clarity and direction on where you want to go and how you will get there. This goal setting program will allow you to create a road map on where you want to take your business and more importantly your life.

This one day workshop with  you will walk away with the following:

  • Clearly defined goals for 2014
  • Quarterly milestones to stay on track
  • Weekly accountability measures to ensure success
  • Secrets in managing your time effectively
  • Structured step by step process
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded business owners

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Developing Championship Teams and a Winning Culture

A powerful team that is on the same page is unstoppable. A dis-jointed team equates to frustration and destruction. This program we cover:

  • What language does the team use?
  • What rules does the team play by?
  • Same page, same rules
  • Managing behavior styles within the team
  • Outcome based teams
  • Right people on the right seat

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