What’s Your Story?


What’s the story you tell about your life, your success and your goals?

You have a personal story – a narrative you tell yourself and others about your experiences. This story influences everything in your life.

In fact, your success and goals achievement depend on you telling the right story. It’s as if your past story has taken a hold of your hand, and has scribbled some notes on the chapters that haven’t been written yet.

Things like, “If you failed at this once, you will probably fail again.” “That didn’t work last time but let’s try that way again, just because it’s comfortable and it feels good.”

Do you have to let your past write your future? No! You can stop right here, right now, and take the pen into your control.

Look back at your journey and do a self-assessment. Where are you, in terms of where you want to be? What is your ultimate goal? Where were you stuck for a long time? What shook you loose – and what can you gain from that experience? What did you tell yourself every time you failed in the past? What did you tell yourself every time you succeeded in the past? What story are you telling about your future? What story are you telling about yourself?

Be very, very aware of the immense power of your words. If you use the right words, in the right way, you’ll give very specific commands to your brain to figure out how to achieve your goals. But you can also give up control and hand the pen over to your past, and let it write your future.

To write your new story:

Always think, feel, speak and act in the positive. Imagine that you have already accomplished your goal and now you are just replaying the movie of “how I did it.”

Rehearse and repeat this story (this movie) in your mind every single day, until it feels as natural to ‘tell’ as the stories you tell about your past. Think it, feel it, breathe it, dream it, speak it, do it and live it.

Only then, will you take the right actions at the right time, fueled by a conviction that you can achieve what you want.


Inspired by a post by Steve Ober at: http://managementhelp.org/employeeperformance/goal-setting.htm

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