What’s Next?

We hear this all the time: TAKE ACTION! Massive action! Just do it! Get up off your bum and get to work!

Great stuff. IF you know what to do…

Your next action needs to be physical and visible.

Physical, as in open your laptop and send some emails. Visible, as in “in your face” staring at you until they’re done (have you ever noticed what an energy drain it is to have unfinished business looming over you?).

A physical and visible list gets down to the nuts and bolts of getting things done. If your list looks like:

1. Get 20 new clients this week
2. Get a loan for the new computer system
3. Write five blogs

You can see that this list is not physical: “what do I do?” (except for #3). It’s not visible: you have no clear direction or actions to take. Sure, getting 20 new clients is awesome but how? Can’t pull them out of thin air… These are not “to do” items at all. How can you “do” something you aren’t even clear on? They are vague and too much is left to chance. Even #3 is a bit vague. When

A better list, a physical and visible list, would read like this:

1. Compose four autoresponder emails highlighting key aspects of my business.
2. Write up a comprehensive business plan and make 5 bank appointments.
3. Write a 1,000 word blog on M,T,W,Th and F. Publish them on the website the following Monday.

Don’t dismiss the “trivial” activities that you might neglect to put on your list. These small actions are the ones that add up, cumulatively rocketing you toward your goals. Even things like maintaining your office’s professional appearance and catching up on filing, are tasks that are physical, visible and ultimately important.

We humans are visual creatures. If you can see it and touch it, it feels real. Make your to-do list real and you’ll be more inclined – and able – to get it all done!


Inspired by Merlin Mann’s post on http://www.43folders.com

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