What is That ONE Thing?

What is that one thing that can have the biggest impact on your life this year? Hint: it’s a goal.

You know what you want out of life… right? You probably have several goals that you’re hoping to achieve in the near future. Well right now, let’s turbo-charge that process.

Choose one goal – just one. It has to be the one that will create the biggest change, but something that can be accomplished within the year (I’m talking about calendar year, not by December 31st). It can be a sub-goal to a larger one. For example, if you want to make your mark as a professional photographer, your one-year goal can be to shoot two weddings. That’s going to take a lot of marketing and a lot of work, if you’re just breaking into the business.

This goal has to be:

  • Something you’re incredibly passionate about
  • Something achievable within the year
  • Something that will CHANGE your life

Why should it change your life? Well, this is the goal that will make you say “YES” to all the rest – even the big ones that may take years to achieve.

This is the paradigm-shifter, the one that will help you break through your barriers and gain confidence you would otherwise not get.

So… you have the one goal, laid out in front of you. Here’s how to achieve it:

1. Create a mantra that will you repeat every single day, for a minimum of 30-90 days or until it feels as natural to you as your favorite jeans. For example, “I am a successful wedding photographer.” Say it to yourself while driving to work; while cleaning the kitchen; while out on a bike ride; while walking the dog; while in the shower… just keep repeating it, with loving persistence, every time you think about it.

2. Make an “Immediate Action” plan. What can you do to make it happen…

  • Today
  • This week
  • This month

These sub-goals will provide forward momentum, and keep you motivated as you achieve them. It’s important to write down daily/weekly/monthly tasks, so you aren’t left wondering what to do next. You just wake up, and do it. If it takes you a month to come up with a plan, okay. That’s a step in the right direction too!

If your daily action is very small, that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be something monumental. Let’s be realistic. You have a life, you have responsibilities, and it’s just not practical to drop it all in favour of this one goal. Go ahead, LIVE YOUR LIFE. Just take one small step every day. You should have this step written out, so you’re not wasting time wondering what to do.

…Aaaand, that’s it. Say your mantra, and take daily action. This will create a powerful habit that will motor you straight to the goal that changes everything.

Why is this so simple? Why aren’t we talking about fears and doubts and motivation? Because none of that matters, if you follow steps one and two. And repeat. Just the fact that you’re thinking/feeling your goal, and taking daily action, won’t leave much headspace for fear.


Inspired by a post by Leo Babauta on:  http://zenhabits.net/really-simple-goal-setting/

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