What Doesn’t Stress You Won’t Make You Stronger

The strength of the human body is governed by something called the Principle of Progressive Resistance.

That is, the more demand you place on the body (progressively longer and more intense workouts) the more the muscles will respond and strengthen. More demand, more resulting strength. If you want to strengthen your muscles, you must stress them.

Remove the stress (the challenge) and muscles weaken.

The same applies to any area of your life. You need to be challenged, stressed, put to the test, if you’re going to see any improvement.


Any sort of challenge forces you to adapt, grow, evaluate and learn. It tests your commitment, perseverance, willpower and your character. It’s an in-your-face reminder not to stay comfortably cocooned in your comfort zone.

Nobody’s finest hour ever came when they were comfortable. It came in times of adversity, often very difficult circumstances. You can’t rise to your highest potential without being pushed to your limits. Otherwise, silly little things remain as “limits.” You have to push through them and go a step higher… and another step higher… and so on until you’ve achieved your goal.

Don’t worry if challenges seem overwhelming. Just take them on one step at a time.

Keep going until you’ve reached your goal. Then… set a new goal. A new set of challenges.

Without challenges, your life stagnates. It becomes boring and you WILL suffer from regret of not having tried, or not having gotten up when you’ve been knocked down.

Think back to some challenges you overcame last year and how you benefited from them. Or… if those challenges pushed you backward, isn’t it time to re-evaluate the situation, look at it from a different perspective, and try again using different methods?

Add some spice to your business goals by making them just a little more challenging than you’re comfortable with. That’s the only way you will grow your business beyond the constraints of “what is” right now.


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