What Can We Learn From Our Tribal Ancestors?

There was a great article that was sent to me during the week about how a company in the USA uses traditional tribal practices to help business leaders strategize business processes, agree on major decisions, and enrol whole teams to guide their business forward. It was a great article!

It also started to make me think how GoalsTribe has similar principles in that business owners coming together to share experiences, knowledge, goals to help them grow and manage their business. Also the use of a tribal leader (coach) that facilitates the session, making sure they keep on track and are outcomed focused.

Business can learn so much from different environments and context’s. Not just tribes, but also the sporting arena – working as a team, having a common goal, strategies, etc etc… Taking the lessons from these different arenas, and implementing them makes business more enjoyable and approaching it from a different angle.

Using this tribal example, what else can we learn from these ancient ancestors that can help our business grow?

Collaborative thinking – groups of people working together to solve problems.

Listening – each person that speaks holds the “talking stick” and everyone’s attention is on that person, not thinking about their own points or views, but actively listening to the person speaking and assisting that person solve the specific problem.

Tribal leader – someone that brings the group together, and facilitates the session, which allows everyone to contribute and provide value.

Do you have any other ideas or initiatives that we can learn from our ancient tribes? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Till next time

James Short



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