What accountants should really be telling you about your business!


Now this is a topic that is sure to get some interest?

What should your accountant be really telling you when you start  your business?

There are so many things business owners must do when venturing out to take on the world. However, getting your business finances right initially is one THE MOST IMPORTANT…

Do you actually have a business that is potentially profitable?

Do you have a business that is solvent?

What is the best business structure right for you and your business goals?

Not being an accountant and having to stop by advice and preaching here. We are about to call upon the experts to set the record straight.

To provide some long awaited answers for those business owners that are overwhelmed with what to do, not sure what to ask, and just don’t know!

GoalsTribe is excited to release a webinar super series that answers these questions plus loads loads more.

Our first session is this coming Wednesday 11th July at 12noon (Sydney time). We decided to call upon the leaders of the industry’s, the go-to people when it comes to getting the straight answers and content rich information.

This Wednesday we will firing all the wanted questions to the one and only Joe Pien from Joe Pien Chartered Accountants regarding “What accountants should really be telling you about your business.”

Check out Joe’s profile and find out more by going to https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/257474151 

Clear the diary, bring your colleagues and tune into the first part series of the GoalsTribe Webinars

Have a profitable day


The GoalsTribe Team

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