We All Start With Nothing

Have you ever looked at a successful person and resentfully thought, “They were at the right place at the right time” or something similar, you are sabotaging your own success.

That attitude gives your power away to external factors. But you can shift that mindset:


1. Everyone starts with nothing


We are born naked, helpless, with no skills, money or knowledge (think about it – whatever anyone has accomplished, everyone starts from scratch, knowing nothing about it!). We all start with ONE amazing tool: a mind.

This means the playing field is level at the start. We all start with creativity, imagination, desire, intellect… over time, external factors come into play and we develop a belief system that either supports or hinders our aspirations – but these beliefs are changeable too!

When you use your mind to its greatest potential – as a tool – you mobilize your assets to get everything you desire.


2. Think of your glass as FULL

glass full

Half of your glass is full of water, so that’s what you see. Depending on your conditioning, you see the glass as either half empty or half full. But guess what – it’s FULL! Half is water, the other half is air. You can’t see the air. Which means, you haven’t been looking at the possibility! You are only seeing “what is”!

Think of your glass as half full of what you have and the other half as full of potential. How cool is that? Your glass can potentially be filled with anything! It’s waiting to be filled!

If you’re seeing your glass as half-something, you are focused on what you have now, not on what you can potentially have. Shift your mindset to seeing the possibilities, and your glass will always be full!


3. Improve yourself

improve yourselfThrow yourself into mastering your craft. It takes 10,000 hours – or about a year and a half of 24/7 learning and hands-on skill building to master something. But then add to that the simple daily things like eating, sleeping and all of the other stuff you want to do and have to do… you’d better get busy! That is how you will unleash your assets and put them to use! Only by improving and expanding on what you already have, will you ever achieve what you want. Learn. Experience. Fail. Learn. Enjoy. Learn. Achieve.

Don’t let “what is” stop you. Live a life based on potential, not limitations!


Inspired by a post by Celestine Chua, www.celestinechua.com


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