Track your progress

Track your progress and your business will grow. Bold statement isn’t it?

Do you track your progress already? How do you track it? Would love to hear what
aspects of your business you track.

What does tracking your progress mean? Have you ever kept a personal budget
before? Or kept track of your time, by writing it down? What about a log book for
your car to track your mileage?

These are all examples of tracking. However what happens to your mind when you
start tracking items? AWARENESS. Awareness is the first step to improvement. As
without awareness you may as well be driving with your eyes closed.

Focusing on tracking your progress will bring that awareness to your business
growth. Establishing what is working and what is not. Can you tell me right now
what your best lead generation strategy is? The return on your investment for that
strategy? The conversion rate on that strategy? That is just a start on tracking.

More work? Yes…At first. However, you are creating a habit, then after it becomes
a habit, it is like brushing your teeth. The payback though is enormous. Having an
understanding of where your business is going, by how much, from where, enables
you with power and direction. Putting you back in the driving seat eyes wide open.

That is why we have implemented a basic tracking program to track “how many
leads, appointments/quotes, new clients/jobs” you acquire each week. Measuring
your leads will identify if your lead generation strategies are working. Then it will
give you an indication what is required to make a difference and get out there,
turn up your marketing and promotions and notice the results. Then from those
leads “how many appointments/quotes” did you have or send out. As this is
the next qualifying process. We can measure from here how well qualified your

marketing has been, plus what strategies you have in place for leads to ask for
more information about your business. Finally, the golden tracking element, “How
many new clients / jobs?” Identifying how many came through your sales funnel
and ended up becoming a client/customer. Identifying the number of new clients
each week, and comparing to what your goals are, we can then work backwards
fine tuning each step, developing, testing, which will result in more leads, more
appointments/quotes and finally MORE CLIENTS…

Tracking your progress – start today!

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