This Year Does Not Matter

Oh now hold on, I’m not saying that you get to shelve all of your goals this year and kick back and drink beer instead of creating business and personal success!

What I mean is, why wait until the New Year to start on your goals? Have you ever thought about that? Why do people wait until New Year’s Day to start losing weight, or start saving for a downpayment on their dream home?

Waiting until some “magical” time – like January 1, 20whatever – is going to move you toward your goals at precisely 0 miles or kilometers per hour.

Time waits for nobody. Just because the new year has already started, don’t give yourself the “out” of saying, “I just don’t have enough time this year to get this goal accomplished before December 31st.”

That’s a terrible excuse!

Every day you wait, you delay the accomplishment of your dreams. Just start, already!! It doesn’t matter if you have 10 months left in the year or 10 minutes left in the calendar year, because the calendar year has no relevance.

If you want your goal achieved in 365 days, start now! Otherwise, if it’s the end of September and you don’t start ‘til January, you will have to add three months to your date of achievement (from today).

So why not start right now?

The year is just a made up construct of human beings to help us measure time. It has absolutely zilch to do with goals, except that we love things to be tidy and somehow, beginning on January 1 feels right. Well, so does beginning on April 13, May 29 and August 4.

So when you set a goal to achieve something in one year, make it “one year from today” – not December 31. Doing it according to the calendar year just causes unnecessary stress. It puts too much pressure on you to the point you will either freak out and drop the goal altogether, or rush through the necessary tasks and completely miss out on the joy of the process.

Don’t wait for the time to be right. Make today the first day of your “project year” and start working on it. Now. Not next January 1.


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