The reason you’re still hoping you’ll achieve your goal

Have you decided to achieve a goal this year? Hey, 2014 is half over already and you still aren’t doing what you promised yourself you’d do?

In my early goal-setting days, I used to make this mistake: I didn’t decide. I didn’t say a big, hearty YES. I didn’t commit.

It’s interesting, though… I tried. I really did. I gave it all kinds of effort, but my approach was flawed in that I didn’t show my commitment by having a plan. Naturally, my flawed approach led to not-so-great results.

Here are common goal-setting mistakes that I encourage you to own. I’m willing to bet you see yourself in at least one of these mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up… just do the opposite. It’s a learning process!

1. Problem: you are vague about your goal. “I want to be rich” is a very vague goal. I don’t know what that means. Do you? Solution: be specific. Give your internal compass a clear direction!

2. Problem: you are taking on someone elses’ goals. If you’re trying to fit into somebody’s expectations of what you should do with your life… you will fail. Solution: remove the word “should” from your vocabulary and do what YOU want to do.

3. Problem: you don’t write anything down. All of those brilliant ideas live in your head, where they sit until one day you remember them. Not. Solution: write down your goals, and any and all ideas that come to you. Richard Branson does this. Be like Richard Branson.

4. Problem: you don’t have a plan. Just wing it. Make it up as you go along. Oh, you don’t know what to do? Bummer! Solution: make an action plan. Stick to it.

5. Problem: you haven’t prioritised your goals. You work on them “when you have time.” Which you don’t have. So nothing gets done. Solution: jettison the time-sucking, soul-crushing activities (yes, TV) and work toward your dreams. You DO want to live out your dreams, right?

6. Problem: you don’t believe in yourself. You think you’re not worthy, not capable, not whatever enough. Says who? Says you.Solution: stop telling that story! You have a better story to tell – overcoming obstacles, bucking the odds, persevering… and ultimately coming out triumphant. Write your own story, not the one your self-imposed limitations write!

7. Problem: you blame the world for your failures. But think about it: whenever there is a problem in your life, YOU are there. Whenever there is struggle, YOU are there. Whenever there is achievement, YOU are there. You are responsible for your reactions and choices. Solution: own your choices, and stop giving excuses why you can’t. Start giving reasons why you can.

8. Problem: you try to fly solo. “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Of course. Except that you aren’t blessed with any more time than anyone else, and you aren’t good at everything. You can muddle through, get it done eventually, but at what cost? Solution: do what you’re good at and outsource the rest.

9. Problem: you let fear push you backward instead of forward. Fear makes you procrastinate. It makes you second-guess yourself. It makes you doubt your visualizations. It drains you and makes you quit. Solution: turn fear into excitement (it’s the SAME physiological response!!) and let it push you into action. Action feels GOOD. When you’re busy doing, you can’t be busy being afraid.

10. Problem: you aren’t motivated and you give up. Sometimes it’s a long haul. A long, tiring, frustrating haul. But the truth is, most people give up just before that pinnacle moment of success. Like seconds before they hit the finish line. Solution: look BEYOND the point of achievement. Feel and visualize the warm glow of achievement, and keep going, one step at a time, no matter what, no matter how tired or frustrated you are. Just. Keep. Going. You WILL get there. That’s the only way.

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” -Abraham Lincoln


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