The Magnificent Seven: 7 Ways to Success


Is there a secret to success? No. Well, actually there is. It has nothing to do with luck. It has something to do with visualization and clearing out limiting beliefs. But ultimately, the secret to success is so ordinary that it seems impossible. Go get what you want. Here’s how:

1. Stop worrying about what you “should do” or about what other people want and get clear on what you really, really, really want. Anything other than what you really want is somebody else’s idea of what’s right and good for you! You’re not here to play out their agendas.

2. Take responsibility for your life. You created whatever situation you’re in right now. Life is all about choices, and the choices you’ve made over the course of your life have led you… right here. Most of these choices are made based on your beliefs (that’s why changing your limiting beliefs is important) so don’t be too upset if you don’t like your life and now you’re supposed to own it. Think of it as empowerment. You’re taking back control of your life.

3. Be willing to be confused and scared – and keep pushing on anyway. At first, confusion will reign; doubt will be strong; clarity might be hard to find; and you will feel fear. All you have to do is take the next step, the one right in front of you. Don’t worry about the big picture, just keep on moving with determination, toward your objective.

4. Get help. Humans aren’t made to go it alone. Sure, there are intrepid souls who brave the unknown completely on their own; but realistically, most of us aren’t like that. We need teachers; suppliers; role models; supporters; fellow dreamers; naysayers; customers… We need people to guide us, push us, redirect us, challenge us and annoy the hell out of us (because without discomfort and annoyance, nothing would ever change).

5. Commit to it and do something! What’s your next smallest step? Take it! Just focus on what you need to do next and DO IT, despite whatever temptations or distractions come your way. Nothing manifests magically. You have to go get what you want. Make taking action more fun and appealing than NOT taking action. How? By falling in love with your dream, day after day after day, and creating a habit of daily action to move you toward your goal.

6. Set the right expectations, persevere and HAVE FUN. In this day of instant gratification, it’s really hard to wait for results. And it’s very easy to give up before you see any real signs of forward progress or success. But how many dreams end up forgotten because nothing seemed to be happening and you got frustrated or bored? Be realistic in your expectations – avoid the marketing hype, because things take time. They just do. So roll with it and enjoy the process as much as you enjoy the achievement. If you’re having fun along the way, who cares how long actual manifestation takes?

7. Be the boss. Manage your excuses. Drive yourself through the temptation of procrastination. Push yourself through inaction. Motivate yourself to do your best. You might have heard the saying, “If you don’t want something, you’ll find a million excuses why you can’t; and if you want something, you only need one reason why you can.” Throw out the excuses. Hold yourself accountable (and if you can’t, a coach will do that for you!).

Basically, you are changing your mindset from settling for what is, to expecting and going after what you really want. That’s the mindset of success.

Sadly, most people never get what they want. They have the opportunity but they let it slip away and at the end of it all, they have a lot of regrets and no real joy. The secret to success lies within you. YOU have to decide, “yes or no.” You have to do the work. There’s no magic pill so don’t bother looking. YOU are the magic pill. That is, your desire, willingness and determination are the combination of forces that will make your greatest goals come true.

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