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GoalsTribe Terms & Conditions
By choosing to participate in this site as a guest or member of GoalsTribe you agree to the following terms and conditions.  If choosing to participate as a client or purchase products, you declare that you are 16 years of age or older.  By using this site you agree to follow the terms and conditions of the site whether you have read the terms and conditions or not.

Cancelation of Products
I understand that each product has a specific purchase price. Once payment has been made there will be no refund available on purchase or cancellation of product.

Privacy Policy
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We reserve all rights in regards to the materials, programs, services and products of GoalsTribe.  We reserve the right to change the materials, programs, services and products at our discretion.

Opinions of contributors to this site are not necessarily those of GoalsTribe. Use of material on GoalsTribe is not intended to substitute professional legal, financial or medical advice.  When advice is required we encourage you to seek out a qualified professional.  GoalsTribe makes no representation or warranty that information contained on the site is accurate, nor accepts liability or responsibility for any action arising out of information contained on the site. You agree to use the information on this site at your own risk and take sole responsibility for the choices you make.

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GoalsTribe name, graphics and logos are trademarks of GoalsTribe.  They may not be used in connection with any product or service and may not be used in a way which will discredit GoalsTribe or create any form of confusion in the market.

Site Usage
Your visit to GoalsTribe only gives you the right to access and use GoalsTribe resources.  You are not permitted to share your username or password with others. As such you and you alone are responsible for activities that occur under your access details.  Your products does not in any way imply ownership of material you are therefore not permitted to publicly share any GoalsTribe resources.  GoalsTribe reserves the right to refuse or cancel service or products at GoalsTribe’s discretion

Content Submission
As a visitor or client of GoalsTribe you may submit content and host discussion groups.  The content must in no way be illegal, threatening or obscene to third parties. Likewise you should not impersonate another person or entity or make false claims.  GoalsTribe reserves the right to refuse, remove or edit such content.