Some Exciting News From One Of The Founders!

So much has been happening over the past five weeks… Where to start?


It certainly has been busy and loads to report. So I will do my best to keep it concise and to the point and most relevant…


FOCUS – Goalstribe has now a laser focus on business owners to assist them growing their business using the Goalstribe method. For the past four years I have been helping business owners grow and manage their business in small groups and 1on1. It was a light bulb moment in that, let’s focus on what we are good at… That being said we will be updating our homepage to reflect this change in focus and provide relevant content outlining how we can assist you.


PROUD SPONSOR OF THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS SMALL BUSINESS AWARDS – With this change in focus, we were fortunate enough to be the majorsponsor at the National Champions Small Business Awards. It was an incredible event hosted and produced by Steve Loe at Precedent Productions. Over 900 guests, with 400 business’ attended to see who would take out the award for each business category. It was great to be able to give back to the business community.



(James handing out the award for Best Fitness Business. Emcee: Gretel Killeen) 

NEW WEBINAR SERIES – We are about to launch a series of webinars to assist business owners. We have enrolled experts in the following areas of finance, marketing, branding, sales, insurance, networking, and some inspiring stories from an array of successful entrepreneurs. These webinars will be content rich where you will learn take home strategies to implement into your business straight away. So stay tuned for the launch date.


IMPROVING THE LOOK & FEEL – As already mentioned we are changing slightly the look and feel of the site. This will make it clear on exactly what we do, how we do it, and WHY we do it, plus of course all the benefits that tribe members experience along the way.



TRY IT OUT – Finally, we would like to offer you, or someone that you know, who runs a business a FREE 30-day TRIAL of the program to see how Goalstribe can assist in the growth of your business. Simply send me a direct email on and I can arrange for you to get started – no strings attached… We just want to help you and your business!


Have a great day!


Kind regards,


James Short



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