Organize your own Mastermind Groups




Would you like to organize your own Mastermind Group or tribe?

Do you already organize groups of people – but would like to do it online?


Exciting news…..


Goalstribe has just launched a new feature where it allows you to organize groups (tribes) of people online.


Running a sales team?

Social groups?

On the road teams?

Coaches, Trainers, Expert in an industry?


Now you can use the Goalstribe platform to meet your groups, via our video conferencing platform…


  • Stay connected to your group
  • One focal communication point
  • Like-minded group working together under your guidance


We have opened our platform for the first 50 organizers for only $10 per month. Which will allow you to organize three different types of tribes.


Check out the video on how easy it actually is to organize a tribe





For more info drop us a line at



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