Motivational Tips for Slackers

Okay, I’m sure you don’t consider yourself a slacker. You work hard and have the best interests of your business in mind. But let’s face it. Sometimes, all the mojo seems to go out the window and you feel disconnected, scattered, unmotivated, frustrated, overwhelmed and tired of the daily grind. And there goes your productivity…

Don’t throw out your to-do list, and don’t stare at it blankly while dreaming of seaside holidays.

A motivational slump can go on for days, sometimes. Not good! Here are a few ways to jump-start your engine again and get you focused and on track.

1. A to-do list can be dauntingly huge. Make a “hit list” instead – a list of the most unpleasant, difficult and intimidating things you have to do. Get them out of the way first thing in the morning. That includes all the stuff you’ve been procrastinating on. Get it out of your hair! Take one one or two of these energy-suckers every day and build some massive satisfaction.

2. Delegate and outsource what you can, so you can focus on the things you love. It’s worth a bit of cash to have other people do the things you’d rather not do. In the long run, you’ll be mentally fresher, more motivated, more focused and more driven if you aren’t saddled with tasks that you are just not suited for!

3. Chunk it. A huge part of creating a masterful plan of action is breaking tasks down into their smallest action components. What can you realistically accomplish on a given task in a day? Break that down into hour-long chunks, and if possible, into even smaller increments of 10-15 minutes. You can make yourself focus and do anything for a very short time!

4. Turn off the alarms. All those beeps, bings and chirps are distracting and oh, so tempting. Set aside a time to answer emails and return calls. Just not while you’re focused.

5. Commit to your goals. If you’re working on a project that is outside of your normal daily routine, make yourself spend 15-30 minutes on that project every day. Yes, at the expense of something else. Everyone has some underused time in their day (TV,commuting, waiting, etc.) that can be put to productive use.

6. Step away from it. But on the flip side, you do need a mental and physical break from your work. Chunking allows you to take multiple mini-breaks throughout the day. Take them!!! Eat a healthy snack; go for a brisk walk; indulge in a little Facebook. Just take yourself away from what you’re focused on. You’ll come back fresh and motivated.

7. Keep your workspace organised and motivating. Have some visual representations of your goals hanging in your workspace. Keep your space clean and tidy. 5 minutes of daily cleanup at the end of the day will give you a chance to reflect on the day’s work, set the stage for the next day’s awesomeness, and remind you of any unfinished business that you’ll need to tend to.

Even when you just don’t feel like doing anything, you can keep going toward your goals with a few short bursts of intense activity. C’mon – you can do anything for 15 minutes, right! Go do it!


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