Manifesting, Cause and Effect

Goal achievement boils down to cause and effect. You do something and you get results.

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, this is a misunderstanding of the true nature of cause and effect. Manifesting – or, taking your goal from idea to reality, is an art that is made more difficult because of this misunderstanding.

For example, when your goal is to have a cup of coffee, you don’t get up and make the coffee and then drink it. That may seem like obvious cause and effect, but it’s not. Boiling water and pouring it over ground coffee beans is not a cause. Your actions are actually effects of some cause, aren’t they? Let’s dig deeper into the real cause, the reason you got out of your chair and walked into the kitchen…

The real cause of any goal is a decision: “This is what I want.” If you hadn’t made the decision that you wanted to enjoy a hot, delicious cup of coffee, you never would have created the emotional impetus to get out of your comfortable chair and go through the process of making coffee.

So the first element of goals achieving is your decision: THIS IS WHAT I WANT.

Next (here’s where most people trip themselves up): let the emotional impetus (desire, or passion) compel you to take action. DO NOT worry about your goal. Don’t think about whether it’s possible, whether you’re worthy, etc. For example, if you want a cup of coffee and you make the decision that you want coffee. That leads to actions to make it happen… unless you start second-guessing yourself… I don’t know if I’m capable of measuring the right amount of coffee! I don’t know if I’m good enough to enjoy coffee! I don’t think it’s possible for me to make coffee without spilling the grounds all over the floor and then what would people think…

Don’t waste time thinking about whether your goal is possible before you make the decision to go for it. Chances are really, really good you’ll just talk yourself out of it and nothing will ever happen!

Want to accomplish something? SAY YES! You can’t be uncertain or wishy-washy. BE DECISIVE. Make the freakin’ decision, already! Say YES to what you want, with total certainty. Notice how people will literally flock to you to help you, when you project certainty. Think about it – would you help someone who says tentatively, “I’ll give it a go but I’m not sure it will work” or an enthusiastic “I’m creating (something).”

When you decide, when you make that declaration and you start the wheels in motion, miracles start to happen! Yes, miracles and synchronicities – unexpected and amazing ways that people, resources and situations come into your awareness at just the right time, to help you achieve your goal.

All because you made a decision. Cause. And then you took action… effect… and another action… effect… and so on until the final effect, which is your happiness at having achieved what you set out to do.


Inspired by Steve Pavlina’s blog:

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