Look….Where you want to go!!!


Every athlete knows this: look where you want to go. The mountain biker has a choice between looking at the line between the trees, or looking at the tree – and inevitably experiencing an abrupt and unpleasant physical encounter with said tree. The tennis player has a choice between looking at the ball (no matter if it is coming straight at her head or off into the stands) or looking at her opponent and trying to anticipate the opponent’s move – and inevitably missing the shot by being a fraction of a second too late on the backhand.

All success in sports has two key element: the athlete has to look where he (or she) wants to go, both during the physical act of the sport itself, as well as in visualizing the desired result. Elite athletes (you’ve seen this during the Olympics) spend time visualizing the downhill ski run, or the dive, or the gymnastics routine. Scientists have, in fact, discovered that you can learn something simply by visualizing it just as effectively as by physical practice!

But athletes aren’t the only ones who have to keep their eye on what they want: so do you!

That is, if you plan on accomplishing your goals. Can you clearly, vividly imagine your end result? Are you IN that mental movie? Do you believe that this mental image is as real as the blog you’re reading? Do you have the courage to look past the immediate (“I don’t have it”) and the “obvious” (“I can’t do that”) and GO FOR GOLD?

Visualization is essential to success.

There is nothing, and I sincerely mean nothing, you can’t achieve if you visualize a successful result; by the same token, you won’t achieve anything if you can’t visualize a successful result.

I can’t stress enough how important a vision board or a vision book is to success. The mind is very visually-oriented. Even our speech is full of things like “look at” or “see how” or “imagine” or “watch what.” You are conjuring up images right now about the sentence you’ve just read, based on your own experiences! This should give you a clue as to how critical visualization is. So the more visual elements you have in your workspace, home or wherever you keep reminders of your goals, the better. Of course that can include the written word, since every word or sentence is translated or converted into an image. Here’s one for you: BLOOD-RED SUNRISE. You can’t help but imagine something – based on your background, the image is good, bad, exciting, scary, whatever – but the point is, there is an image.

So go wild with your vision board. Make several of them! Or make an entire vision book, such as a small notebook full of especially colorful and evocative words and images. See what you want. See yourself IN it. Feel it. Smell it. Hear it. Taste it. Immerse yourself in it.

And have it.

Inspired by Gary Ryan Blair at www.everythingcounts.com


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