How Your Habits Make You

Growing-A-HabitYour expertise, financial status, luck, education, skills, connections or hard work don’t make you a success or a failure.

Your habits make you a success or a failure.

Steve Pavlina has said, “Habits are memorized solutions.” You have a problem, you figure it out, and with repetition, you perform the same solution every single time (until you “install” a new solution).

Habits are the brain’s form of time/energy management. Think about how much work it would be to have to relearn how to tie your shoes every day. You’d get nothing done! Your brain “space” is better devoted to complex things, so that’s why any repeated action will quickly become an automated process we call a habit.

This is awesome. It really does free up a tremendous amount of mental horsepower to important, complicated things.

The problem is, some habits are destructive. And it’s really hard to spot them because they are so automatic. You might not even realize something is a habit because when something is automated, you just do it, without thinking about it.

For example, if you are in corporate sales and you have developed a habit of never sending a thank-you note to a client, this is a habit that might bite you later. It might not seem like a habit that would have large consequences, but imagine how many more referrals, repeat business and happy customers you would have if you took two minutes to hand-write a thank-you note after closing a deal.

If you recognise a habit that isn’t serving you, remember it takes no more effort to create a positive habit than it was to create this annoyingly self-limiting one.

The trick is you have to commit to at least 30 days of daily effort. Even if it’s a habit that you can’t physically do every day (like send that thank-you note), THINK about doing it every day. Imagine yourself doing it and experiencing the reward of having done it – good feelings, and the thought of lots more business that will come your way because of this one small habit.

Other excellent habits to make part of your automated success:
● Taking on the most difficult tasks of the day, first thing. Get them over with.
● Exercising every day (even a 30-minute walk will do wonders!)
● Avoiding sugar
● Not watching TV

The sum of your habits = the level of your success. Think about some habits you’d like to develop and go do it – consistently for at least 30 days, until it’s automatic.


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