How to use a Vision Board to achieve your goals!

Humans are creatures whose brains operate on imagery.  We don’t have words swimming around in our heads, we have movies (or little clips and sound bytes).  This is why a vision board is such a powerful tool in creating the results you want.


You may already know that a vision board has real power behind it.  You may know that when you look at an image consistently and with feeling, that image will manifest in the physical world.  What you may not know is how to use your vision board to its best potential.  I have an idea I’d like to share with you:


Stop worrying about how your goal will manifest.  Of course I’m not talking about just sitting there, staring at your magic vision board and doing nothing while you wait for your goal to drop into your lap.  Races aren’t won without training; businesses are not made successful without some effort on your part – and so on.  I’m talking about silencing the inner chatter, those gossipy, nagging and annoying hens in our heads that chant “can’t” and “but” and “what if” until you make yourself crazy.  The trick is, to use your vision board to plant seeds and nurture them… NOT to get you worrying about “how.”


So as you sit there gazing longingly and lovingly at your vision board, don’t start managing your budget in your head.  Don’t start measuring watts or making sales calls in your head.  Don’t start putting images of “how” in there (images which usually involve backbreaking labor, hard hours, sacrifice and no fun).


For a little while each day, just feel the images on your vision board.  


Put yourself into those images – give yourself the starring role in that movie.  It can be really helpful to talk to a coach, who can sit down with you and help you create a vision board that has the right images, and reinforce those images with the right self-talk.   Self talk such as, “how does (achieving x) make me feel?”  “How do people treat me now that I’ve (achieved y)?” and many other questions that get you feeling good about the end result and not how you’re going to get there.


Like any other tool in goal achievement, a vision board is only as good as the thoughts you put into it.  If your inner speech says “can’t” and “but” and “what if”, then a hundred vision boards in your home won’t do a thing.  But one board, with the right images and reinforced by the right inner dialogue, can and will help you.


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