Finding Opportunity

Some goals are straightforward. You move from Point A to Point B and you know exactly what to do and and what to expect. Other goals require being flexible, alert and ready to jump anytime an opportunity arises.

If you are struggling with the idea of being able to spot opportunities and having the courage to act on them, here are some tips to motivate you:

Set clear goals. If you know exactly what you want, you will automatically be on the lookout for exactly the right people and resources.

Visualize. Your brain needs specific commands about what to look for. For example, when you want a new car and you decide on a particular make and model, you suddenly start noticing them everywhere. How is it you never noticed that so many people were driving the car you want? You might be surprised about this, but it’s just your brain’s normal filtering system – if it doesn’t matter to you, it literally doesn’t appear for you! So set a clear goal and visualize it. Whether it’s a tangible goal (like a car) or intangible (like health), having a strong and clear visual will give your brain the command to seek out the conditions that will make the goal happen. A HUGE component of this is belief. You MUST believe that your goal is achievable in order for your brain to focus on it; otherwise, you give it contradictory instructions every time you doubt!

Prepare. Be prepared to say “yes” even when you’re terrified and believe you’re not ready. Learn to swim on the way to the island. Of course if the opportunity you seek requires funding, make sure it’s all in place before you start. And if you don’t have the funding, focus your attention on making that funding a goal so your brain is primed to hunt for ways to make funding appear for you.

Do something… Seizing opportunity does NOT mean sitting on your bum waiting for things to fall into your lap. You have to be out there, circulating in the world, making a name for yourself so that people GIVE you work, point you in the right direction, etc. Sure, having a rich old uncle helps but only if you’re the beloved nephew…

…and DO nothing. Spend time meditating and focusing your mind on what you want. There is a time for doing and a time for NOT doing; just ‘being’ and contemplating. Focus your mind and supercharge your intention with a command of “This is what I want NOW.”

ALL people matter. Don’t discount somebody just because on the surface they don’t seem like the “right” person. You may miss out on amazing opportunities because you made a wrong judgment about someone.

Open your mind, eyes and ears. Be an active participant in the world. Immerse yourself in ideas that interest you. Don’t discount ideas just because they don’t fit in with your pre-conceived notions. Always remember – if it caught your attention, it did so for a reason. Even if you can’t find the reason right away, know that what you noticed is there to help you either as a lesson (such as a lesson in how not to do things) or as a guide or even as a hidden source of knowledge or funding. Don’t forget, your brain filters out practically everything that has nothing to do with your interests or what is important to you. So if something caught your attention, it’s because it made its way through that filter!

Think outside your own box. Let your creativity flow by allowing yourself to think completely contrary to popular wisdom and knowledge. Yes, a hundred thousand people CAN be wrong. If an idea sparks in you and you explore it before you start critiquing or judging it with logical thought, you might just come up with something remarkable.

Move through your fear and take risks. Don’t miss out on extraordinary opportunities because you’re too afraid. Take a chance on something new; or stay where you are, living the same old life.

Are you inspired yet?

Just by focusing your energy on recognizing opportunities, they will arise. Then, you have to take a deep breath and take immediate and deliberate action. Scary? Yes! But thrilling, too, and the rewards are immense. Even if you “fail” you still move forward because you have learned a lot. And thus, THERE IS NO FAILURE. Taking “failure” out of the equation may be what it takes to get you to see opportunity not as something only a lucky few can capitalize on; but something that you can, too. Opportunities are everywhere! Be open, be aware and say YES.


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