Earning Money is EASY

I’m sure this title has you raising an eyebrow and thinking I’m delusional. I know that when I first came across this information, I was skeptical as well. Now I know that it is the absolute truth, and I want to share this timeless wisdom with you, for your personal and business success.

How much money you make has nothing to do with the obvious: the economy, your location, level of education, expertise in a certain industry, family money, who you know, experience, or even intellect.

It’s true! Look at all of the brilliant minds out there who are flat broke, and the people who can’t string two words together who are multi-millionaires. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

The secret is in your mind.

Money is nothing more than a means of exchange. You give me money, I give you a service. I give you money, you give me a product. Money is also not “real” in that it is only an idea. Long ago, somebody decided to give someone a bunch of shiny metal instead of a herd of goats, and the concept of money was born.

And yet, many of us are intensely uncomfortable with the concept of money. We feel unworthy of having it. This is called poverty consciousness. When you’re stifled by poverty consciousness, you think in terms of lack. In terms of not having enough. “I can’t afford that; how am I going to take care of payroll this month; there’s never enough… etc.”

Mike Todd said, “Being broke is a temporary situation. Being poor is a mental state.”

It’s so easy to look at “what is” and believe in scarcity, isn’t it? After all, there isn’t an infinity symbol anywhere in your bank account! If you look back at your results and your financial health, you’ll see distinct patterns. Anytime you were happy and felt on top of the world, your financial situation was better. Anytime you were down and felt hopeless, your financial situation was worse. And the key is, your financial situation was a result of your mental state, not the other way around.

The secret to having a wealth consciousness is to choose happiness – being happy with what is, just for the sake of being happy. Happiness = wealth consciousness and abundance consciousness. Remember that. When you’re happy, you are able to focus on what is good in life. You start noticing things like opportunities (and when you’re happy, you’re more inclined to take advantage of them); people who can help you; and situations that increase your wealth.

Of course you still have to earn the money, it’s not just going to fall from the sky. So think of it this way: the money you receive is an effect. You are the cause: what can you offer in order to receive that money? What talents do you have to share? What services or products can you offer to improve peoples’ lives?

You might not realise this, but happiness and service go hand-in-hand. It simply feels awesome to help out other people, and in so doing, you will be rewarded.

Take away the focus on the dollar amounts you want. Instead, shift your focus to what you can offer – your value – and give it, with 100% best effort. Then, because you’re doing something positive and you’re happy, the right circumstances will come into play in your life and your mindset will shift and you’ll find it easier and easier to make money.


Inspired by Bob Proctor’s blog on http://www.goals2go.com/blog/

Photo: Bruce Allen

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