Don’t let analysis paralysis stop you from achieving your goals


Did you achieve everything you wanted in the last 12 months?

– did you achieve your business goals?
– did you achieve your personal goals?
– did your net worth grow or shrink?
– did you have more free time?
– did you spend more time with family and friends?
– did you take good care of your body, mind and soul?
– was there an improvement or a decline in your quality of life?

Now is the time to honestly answer these questions. Take the time to reflect on your past achievements and struggles. What can you learn right now, before you take action on this year’s plans? For each answer, ask yourself…

– what did I do right?
– what did I do wrong?

(It’s important to ask “what did I do wrong” even when you succeeded, because there is always room for improvement)

For the areas which saw no improvement or even a decline, ask yourself,

– what did you KNOW you should have done but did not do?
– WHY?

Waiting for the “perfect time” to take action is a terrible way to let a year go by: “I can’t take action now because… stars-aren’t-aligned, I don’t have enough time/money/skills, I won’t do it right…” all that does is NOTHING.

Don’t let perfection be your enemy. Don’t be scared to do the wrong thing. Make a plan of action and DO first. Apologize later if you must, because some of the directions you choose will be nothing more than helpful lessons.

Just don’t throw the year away waiting for “permission” from yourself to take action. Learn from the past, improve on it with a better plan of action.

Put one foot in front of the other. Repeat as needed.


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