DISC and Team Building

Retaining Your Best Talents

When an employee’s best and talents are not leveraged and they don’t find meaning in what they do in the workplace, this can lead to  low morale and  poor productivity.  Employee morale and productivity is largely affected by communication. Weak communication can lead to unclear directions and expectations, and can result in lack of motivation and feelings of unappreciation.

A team’s success is mostly a result of maintaining effective communication and having the right person for the right position. This means that employees are tapped and empowered so that they become a positive  influence in the organization and realize that they have a significant role to play.

One of the best ways in employee engagement is to continually boost their morale by giving them activities that are not only about technicalities in their job.  DISC Team Building enhances employee morale that will lead to retention of the organization’s best talents.

Here are some suggested team building activities for boosting employee morale:

  • Divide your employees into different teams and have the different teams take the DISC personality profile. Discuss each team’s unique mix of communication styles, natural tendencies, preferred environments and predictable behaviors – leading to discussions of how to best position each team member for maximum satisfaction and effectiveness. Check out DISC Personality Profile Online here…
  • For a more in-depth experience, have your teams take the DISC, TEAMS, and Values profiles. Once they have taken the tests, have them discuss the team’s different personality and communication styles, thinking styles, strengths in a group, and workplace values. Other profiles that generate insightful discussions are also available, including Sales Style and Career Style. DISC, TEAMS, and Values Profile
  • Conduct a live training with a GoalsTribe trainer and your team members. The trainer will guide the group in a discussion of the team’s various personality styles to gain great insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each group. The trainer will then offer suggestions for further improvement. For your next team building activity, contact one of our GoalsTribe trainers at info@goalstribe.com or call GoalsTribe at +612 8006 4550.
  • HR staff or in-house trainers can attend the GoalsTribe training (live, online, or in paper format) and conduct these team building exercises with your teams on a regular basis or in accordance with your changing needs.

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