DISC and Sales Training

50% of Forecasted Sales are Lost Due to Sales Force Turnover

Your sales team is the face of the company. They welcome new customers, explain your products and services, create relationships and attend to the needs of your clients. Sometimes it is a long process based on building trust – so when a salesperson leaves the company, you risk losing the rapport you had with the customer.

In addition to potential lost revenue, your company will bear the financial burden of employee turnover: lost productivity, hiring costs, additional resources spent on training, and more.

How can you prevent employee turnover in your sales force?

Filter all worthwhile potential hires through the DISC Sales Style behaviour style profile. Understanding the way an individual communicates and behaves, his or her strengths and preferences, and his or her sales style will help filter out those candidates who are not a good match for your company philosophy and operations style.

By choosing the right candidate using the DISC Hiring system, you increase the chances of placing the candidate in a position to succeed. Knowing what motivates them increases their loyalty and productivity; and knowing their strengths and weaknesses helps you maximize their potential. Certain DISC profiles also include the options for resume upload and create customized interview questions for an applicant based on their specific style and potential strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. Knowing your candidate’s predictable behaviors, communication and learning styles and other personality aspects will help you avoid conflict and enhance productivity and effectiveness on the sales team.

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For a clear match, utilise the Perfect Match Hiring Process for Sales and Customer Service. The Perfect Match package is pre-loaded with standard industry benchmarks, which indicate an ideal personality range for various industries and positions. The personality style of each potential or current employee who undergoes this process will be compared to the ideal range for the industry and position, resulting in a green, yellow, or red match for the position.
● Perfect Match Hiring for Sales & Customer Service

GoalsTribe consultants can help you create the ideal hiring solution for your needs, creating a customized benchmark based on your specific criteria as well as wisdom gained from other performers in this area who have succeeded or struggled. Build a benchmark based on your most successful salespeople and never guess when hiring again. Inquire Here for More Information or call us at +612 8006 4550.

GoalsTribe consultants can train your Human Resources staff in the art of hiring using the DISC theory of behaviour-based hiring. GoalsTribe conducts live trainings, online trainings, and mailed trainings in paper and audio format.

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In addition to optimizing the hiring process, DISC enhances team building and sales training. If a salesperson understands the personality style they are selling to, (an instant understanding of one’s tendencies, annoyances, and fears) then the presentation can be altered accordingly with a deeper understanding of what motivates people – and culminating with a sales process designed with the customer’s best interests in mind, presenting products or services with genuine confidence and enthusiasm, and building lasting relationships.

● DISC Certification Training Online
● Paper DISC Certification
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