DISC and Hiring

Using the Most Effective Recruitment Method

Recent trends in talent acquisition indicate an overflow of qualified candidates for any job position. With so many qualified potential candidates, who do you pick? But the challenge lies not only in finding the right person for the right job but in finding and keeping the right person who will stay on and succeed within the company hence avoiding costly employee turnover.

The DISC Hiring System is an effective tool that helps human resource professionals screen candidates and facilitate detection of the best talent fit for the right job and assists in avoiding lapses in recruitment.  Further, the DISC behavioral assessment tool is used to assess applicants’ communication style, contribution to a team, workplace style, leadership and organization, and attention to detail.

When the DISC assessment is combined with a performance benchmark, it creates behavioral ranges for different personality traits required for the job – helping recruitment managers make the right choice and hire the best talent with the required personality traits. Thus, making finding the best human resource for the company effortless.

The DISC Hiring System: Perfect Match Hiring Packages

Industry-specific hiring packages assess each potential employee or new hire using a DISC Behavioral Assessment and performance benchmarks; customized packages available for niche industries.

  • Perfect Match Hiring for Business
  • Perfect Match Hiring for Sales & Customer Service

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