The journey of business isn’t easy, I get it…

We usually start out with a vision, something we think we want to achieve. Something that sparked a great idea that we said to ourselves “I can do this better”, “If only I was my own boss” – then you were!

As time passed and the business grew (hopefully), so did your team and headaches too. It is so often I hear that people lose sight of why they originally went into business for themselves.

They start employing and managing people,  yet still focus on what they may do best, like selling, building something or providing a service.

Next minute they blink and where has gone those 5, 10, 15, 20 years of being in business? SOUND FAMILIAR? 

Well, it doesn’t have to be anymore.

I like to use “Tribes” (yes the ancestry type) to describe businesses.

If a tribe doesn’t have a strong leader then it is destined to be taken over by another tribe, starve, or slowly deteriorate.

Just like in business…

Do you have a strong Vision? (are you just surviving or do you know where the herds live)

Do you have a clear Strategy? (who is hunting and who is gathering) and;

How well do you enrol your team in which everyone is aligned to the vision and strategy and knows what needs to be done? (when are your tribal council meetings, tribal ceremonies, and what are your tribal roles).

More importantly tribes work together.

This is where GoalsTribe comes from – business owners working together to achieve more.

There is such abundance out there, and when we come from this space of being responsible, accountable and take ownership over this – business flourishes.

We can help create that Tribe, that Tribe that works together with the vision of acheivement.

Here is how we can develop you and your team to become that Tribe you originally thought.

Here is how our Tribe can help yours:


Tribal Planning Program

Are you not sure where to go, what to do next?

Do you have a vision on what you want to achieve but don’t know how to get there?

In this three hour workshop, spend time with the Leading Achieving Specialist, James Short and get clear and concisely map out the following:

– Your 3 year Vision of Goals and Dreams

– Then what your 2 year and 1 year needs to look like in order to achieve that

– Finally your 90day plan that will have clear action items you need to achieve each week to move you closer to your yearly goals

– We then create your Ideal Week to effectively manage your Time, with ALL aspects of your life

– Finally we establish accountability measures to ensure you stay on track to achieve those desired goals

“This Tribal Planning session really got the vision and goals out of my head into a clear and easy to follow map. I now have my weekly goals to focus on rather than getting overwhelmed all the time. Thanks James”

If you would like to find out if a Tribal Planning session is right for you, then speak with James directly in his complimentary 10min Tribal Planning Assessment Call


Tribal Warrior Program

Are you ready to take achieving goals to exceeding them?

Are you looking to increase the intensity and to take things to another level?

Or do you need that extra support, accountability and drive to get things underway?

Become a Tribal Warrior and take control of your destination with the support and guidance from one of Australia’s leading coaches, James Short or one of his expert Tribal Coaches.

The Tribal Warrior program takes your results to new heights with UNLIMITED coaching sessions that turns the heat up on accountability and activity.

Act now and become a Tribal Warrior and the Tribal Planning is included. From there it is all about ACTION and COMMITMENT.

If you are not Committed, then this program is NOT for you. UNLIMITED coaching via Skype or face to face allows your coach to understand what may be holding you back and provide you with the resources to unlock that past frustration and confusion to step into that Warrior and exceed success.

“I have been on the Tribal Warrior program with James for a number of years and the results speak for themselves. Business growth by 30% each year, doubling of the team; increase in profitable and larger type of clients; balanced health and lifestyle; overall feeling of being in control and clear in the direction I am wanting to achieve”

Are you ready yet or still hesitating? Well, if you are still on the fence and need to ask more questions then ask away. Or if you are ready to go then lets speak further in James’s 10min Tribal Warrior Assessment Call


Tribal Leadership Program

A tribe that works together never goes hungry…

A tribe that has a strong leader knows their future is in good hands and always is…

A tribe that has NO leader is destined for failure…

Just like in business, a leader that knows where they are going (a clear Vision), has a plan (Strategy) to get there, and finally most important the Communication skills to enrol their team, empower their team and lead their team is destined to exceed.

Leadership can be taught, you just need to know the right skills and be willing. A lot of business owners find it hard to lead, they are great at what they are doing, but when it comes to leading and managing their teams – this is where things start to fall apart.

This program is about bringing the Tribe (your team) together and step into those Leadership qualities that we all have, they just need developing.

You will learn who is actually on your team, what are their drivers and how to get the best out of each team member.

You will also enrol the team in the Tribal Planning process and be taught how to motivate and hold them accountable through their own personal tribal plan.

You will find out how to manage your Tribe effectively so you don’t get bogged down in the “pity party’s”, yet empower them to “step up” and take charge!

“Finally I understand the power and importance of real Leadership. Truly blessed with my team, now I know who is on it and the potential we have. Thank you James”

Do you have a team? In need of some assistance? Then give James 10mins for him to take you through his Tribal Leadership Assessment Call to see if this is right for you.


Tribal Elders Program

Imagine having a group of expert Elders in which you could call upon to help you?

Hand selected wise, successful specialists that cover all aspects of business and life?

A group of business leaders that are there for you each month, free of charge!

Welcome to the Tribal Elders program. This is where James has hand selected Tribal Elders (business experts) to spend a couple hours each month with you to assist in that specific area.

From marketing and branding, to finance and accounting, social media to HR, health and fitness to personal energetic blockages – a list of specialists that will dedicate a couple of hours with you to help you grow your business and you.

This is the power of business owners working together to achieve more. Over the years James has developed incredible relationships with these leaders. He has hand selected these people for you to help you with your business.

You get to choose one Elder per month to pick their brains, go through anything you like within that speciality and walk away with a clear action plan in which you can implement with your coach.

This is a twelve month program to super charge you and your business.

You have unlimited coaching with your coach as you will be walking the path as a Tribal Warrior, yet now have access to the Elders to really supercharge your business.

Do you need that extra assistance? Or wanting to find out if this is for you, then book in for James’s 10min Tribal Elders Assessment Call