Celebrate Your Goals

When I talk about celebrating your goals, I’m not talking about the extrinsic rewards of money, fame, medals, etc. Those are wonderful perks but they are not the real reason you devote yourself to them.

The intrinsic approach is more important in the long run. That’s why if you approach your goals as one big celebration, you’ll have a blast along the way.

“One must approach music with a serious rigor and, at the same time, with a great, affectionate joy.” – Nadia Boulanger, composer & pianist

That goes for everything, not just music.

Infuse everything you do with a sense of joy. At some point the honeymoon phase will be over and you’ll be down the hard work and the day-to-day ‘grind.’

So STOP looking at it as a grind. See it as a miracle that is unfolding. After all, you are a creative force and here you are, manifesting what you desire!

1. Set goals that are attainable. Don’t take the joy out of the daily effort by taking on goals that are too big for you. Smaller goals are more fun, and their achievement will fuel you for the bigger ones.

2. Become one with what you are doing. Really be in the moment, totally focused on what you’re doing, and being fascinated with the whole process. Be curious, be enthusiastic, even about the ‘mundane’ stuff. There’s a calming zen in the everyday stuff and if you choose to see the zen in it you won’t forever be looking ahead to “when things get fun.” Make them fun, now.

3. Focus on constant improvement, not on mindless repetition. That keeps things interesting and helps you master your craft.

4. Enjoy the problems. What a fun challenge, for your mind and your body! If you take the attitude that challenges are adventures, and that failures do not exist because they are re-routes or helpful guides, then problems cease to exist too. Every problem becomes just another tool in your personal growth toolbox. You’re so much better, stronger, wiser, faster, etc. after you deal with each of these challenges!

So enjoy the hell out of the process. Celebrate each moment – after all, how cool is it that you get to be on the road to achieving a goal and manifesting what you want!

Inspired by: http://musiciansway.com/blog/2014/02/bringing-joy-to-practice/

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