Are you ready for a 30 day weight loss challenge?

Did you eat too much over the break?

Still carrying those few extra kilo’s?

Is shedding some pounds part of your New Year Resolutions?


Health & fitness is one of the most common goals people set, especially as a New Year’s Resolution. 

The most popular health & fitness goal is “weight loss”. From the Biggest Loser TV show, to countless “Latest Diets”, Fat Pills, you name it – the weight loss industry is huge. 

The information that is at one’s finger tips is endless. But that is all it is – information. What you do with this information is another thing. As we have mentioned before, setting goals is fantastic, but ACTIONING them is even better!

So – would you be interested in doing a 30day challenge to see if you can shed some extra pudding, burn those love handles, or blast the backside. But, not by yourself – no way – with 19 other motivated, focused, energized, ready to go people like yourself. People who are just like you – wanting to get started, or have started already – but looking for an “A” team to inspire, motivate, celebrate wins, learn from, plus loads more!

Excited yet?

Here is the challenge – jump on to the page and register your interest. You will then receive our ebook “Getting started – A quick guide in turning dreams into reality” Then once we hit 20 we will launch the tribe and get you going on the road to shedding the kilo’s. Yes, there is an investment – but it’s only $10. Small investment to have the support and motivation of 19 other motivated people. 

Who’s in?

If you are one that likes all the details – that’s cool – drop us a line at

Let’s start 2012 healthy, fit, and a few kilo’s lighter…

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