6 tips to create your habits faster and longer lasting!




The quickest and most effective way to create positive change is to develop positive habits in your life, which will result in achieving your goals faster!


Wikipedia explains “A habit is the process by which a behavior becomes habitual. As behaviors are repeated in a consistent context, there is an incremental increase in the link between the context and the action. This increases the automaticity of the behavior in that context.”


Let’s look at some positive habits you may want to create. From exercising daily, drinking more water, keeping track of your spending, or even reading more! The list is endless – all depends on what your outcome is in relations to creating a new habit.


So here are 6 tips that help you create the habits faster and keep them for longer;


1. Make your habit visible.

Identify what habit you initially want to change and make visible your new habit –  This might sound simple, but by identifying what habit you want to replace will create awareness and motivation to move away from it and focus on what you want to achieve. Then write down the NEW habit you want to create and POST IT EVERYWHERE… That’s right – everywhere… Shower, fridge, computer, car – even next to the toilet – make it visible, bold and loud. This is so you are reminded each and every time you see it. Bring it to life, bring it into your awareness!!!


2. Work in two week blocks

Thinking of doing the same thing over and over (as that is how habits are formed) for long periods of time sounds daunting. Imagine thinking of keep a log book for your spending for the next six months… OMG – no way… But what about for two weeks – a bit more manageable and you can rationalize it in your head. Just think two weeks – no more – at this stage.

3. Rewards and Non Rewards

Now that you are in the mind frame of two weeks, lets increase the motivation even more by creating some pleasure and pain motivators. Pleasure motivators (rewards) is something that you will reward yourself once you complete your habit daily for the first two weeks. Some examples might be a massage, going to the movies, or buying a new piece of clothing. However, on the flip side – Pain motivator (non reward) is something that if you break your habitual activity, then you will have to achieve that, which is usually something that you wouldn’t want to do. Examples of this may include; giving your  favorite piece of clothing to charity, washing the bosses car, giving your ex-partner a $100 gift voucher – something that will motivate you NOT to give up and create your habit.


4. Focus on ONE habit at a time.

 From the extract from Benjamin Franklin’s “striving for moral perfection” explains the importance on focusing on ONE virtue at a time. This will channel your concentration and take your “normal” focus to “laser” focus to create your new habit.



5. Journal daily and acknowledge yourself.


Keep a diary next to your bed and each night before you go to bed, write down your successes for the day – in particular how many times you did your new habit and what other positive/successful activities did you do that had an impact on your new habit and goals. This will keep your mind in positive spirits, especially just before going to bed.



6. Surround yourself with a supportive team.

Form a mastermind team, join a support group, share your new habit with those who are on the same journey. Report in to them daily or couple times per week to keep yourself accountable and on track. Having the right support team, that motivates you, keeps you accountable, and this will improve your focus, intensity and commitment to form your new habit.


These 6 tips will get you on the road to quickly create new positive habits which will result in a massive difference in your life. Start now and make a list of the new habits you want to create. Enroll others to do the same. Simply retweet this article or share it with your friends. Remember, the more support – the more positive habits can be formed.



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